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Indeed, what Peru produced was raw cocaine, whose exports began after the war

Mate de coca (Coca tea): Worldwide delivery plus the freshest Peru superfoods

Coca leaf tea and other superfoods straight from producers

Looking to take an upward turn in your life with a natural energy booster? Meet coca tea, an authentic and proven product that comes directly from our partner farms in South America.

Here are five properties for which ancient Incas counted mate de coca among their best energy supplements:
1) physical stamina amplifier;
2) mild stimulant of brain activity;
3) healthy digestion aid;
4) appetite controller (great for weight watchers!);
5) natural source of vitamins and minerals.

In addition to coca tea, Peru is home to several healthy foodstuffs any nutritionist would strongly recommend. The most well-known among them is quinoa – a rich source of protein, dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins. In the recent years, commercial producers in many countries started cultivating quinoa, but the original Peruvian variety remains the best. Other highly nutritious, authentic cereals available through our store include alpiste and Andean amaranth. We are also proud to offer genuine Peruvian coffee, which owes its unique flavor to the local climate and altitude.

Need more reasons to decide on your order? By purchasing top-quality mate de coca or the indigenous superfoods we carry you can support Peruvian farmers. And don’t forget your own gain: these authentic, organic products aren’t called superfoods for nothing! Their nutrition value easily beats that of any staple food you can buy at the supermarket around the corner.

Fresh, organic, and affordable

Our online store provides a convenient way to buy coca tea, Peru-grown and dried. From the beginning, we have structured our entire business top to bottom so as to benefit our shoppers.

We guarantee:
– wholly organic, traditional cultivation practices;
– competitive prices thanks to the short supply chain linking us directly to growers;
– always fresh produce owing to streamlined logistics;
– fast service and helpful, diligent staff;
– awesome selection of nutritious and authentic food products.
Whether your choice today is a superfood or a super-beverage, it’s a win-win situation in any case.
Have a taste of the exotic tradition, take advantage of the nutritional benefits, and help Peruvian economy. Order these riches of the ancient Incas today!