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Buy coca tea online, hassle-free

Looking to buy coca tea powder or other coca leaf infusion products? You are in luck: we offer a full line, online! Shopping for natural coca products and awesome Peruvian foodstuffs has never been more worthwhile – this is why:

– always fresh produce straight from the farm;

– always low prices since there is no reseller chain;

– exclusive, authentic coca tea brands;

– a broad selection of healthy, nutritious food products;

– only organic, traditional crop growing techniques.

Yes, the world is divided on whether to consider coca leaves legal. But they actually contain just a small amount of cocaine and aren’t addictive. Authentic brands we offer, such as Delisse Coca Tea Peru, are known for their 100% natural products. Yes, we’re talking real mate de coca, the ancient herbal drink with a plethora of health benefits. No worries: its effect is no greater than that of a cup of coffee. If natural coca products are prohibited in your country, we can offer decocainized coca tea powder, legal across the globe.

Delisse coca tea and South American superfoods

Our store is a one-stop source for Peruvian food products, including superfoods. The following Top Five is just a part of what we carry:

  1. Coca tea. Not exactly a superfood, but certainly a super drink. Order some and let us be your coca tea express!
  2. Quinoa. Foodies the world over know this one well. The best quinoa is produced in its native Peru. Ours comes straight from the growers, with a price tag you’ll like!
  3. Kiwicha. A.k.a. Andean amaranth, it’s high in fiber and protein while being totally gluten-free. Echoes your doctor’s orders? Glad we can help!
  4. Alpiste. Locally grown canary seed, rich with antioxidants and key amino acids. Ideal for paleo fans, simply great for all other humans. Well, birds too.
  5. Maca. Also called Peruvian ginseng. We confirm: its root is traditionally used in fertility rites. Boil it or dry it, we know you wanna try it!