About Us

About Us

Hi there! My name is Egor, and I am happy to welcome you to my Peru shop website.

Eight years ago I moved to Peru, the country that has since become truly special to me. In Peru, I met the love of my life, and we got married. In Peru, I encountered a fascinating indigenous culture that inherits from the ancient Incas. In Peru, I discovered for myself an extraordinary geography that contains all climate types, allowing for cultivation of a wide variety of crops. When I learned about this fact, I thought that people around the world should have access to the natural treasures of this amazing country. And that was how I came up with the idea of this online store.

Peru shop carry top quality natural products that are unique to Peru: coca leaf tea and coca powder, organic coffee (thanks to the climate and altitude, Peruvian coffee is singularly exquisite), superfoods such as quinoa, kiwicha (Andean amaranth), alpiste (canary seed), maca tubers, etc.

We combine Western standards of prompt, accurate, and courteous service with competitive prices and top-notch product quality thanks to proven, authentic suppliers such as Enaco. Our friendly representatives speak English, Spanish and will be ready to assist you at every stage.


Enjoy your Peruvian shopping with Peru shop!

Best regards,


Peru shop Egor Voro